When I opened a small business, I knew I’d have to get comfortable with SEO.

Over the first few months, I devoted a decent amount of time getting familiar with the industry and the actual SEO process. I also learned enough to know that, at the end of the day, I didn’t want to do my own SEO forever.

The first roadblock I faced was price. My company is quite small and I simply can’t budget > $1k/month for SEO. I’m also aware that such a broad-reaching campaign wouldn’t necessarily generate any additional ROI than a more focused one would anyways.

That’s diminishing returns for you. My potential customers only use a literal handful of local search terms to find my business or my competitors.

In looking for alternatives, I searched “affordable SEO” and found RankPay in the #1 spot. Now, let me just say that if you’re like me, you take everything with a grain of salt. I’m a skeptical person in general and I don’t implicitly trust businesses (or people for that matter). That trust has to be earned.

That said, I immediately loved their site and their premise “if you don’t rank, you don’t pay.” While doing due diligence, I saw a few people on forums speculating about whether or not it would actually work. It gave me pause, but I didn’t find anything concrete that was negative.

You also have to figure that if they’ve been in business since 2007, and only get paid when they generate measurable results, then they must actually be pretty good at improving rankings.

So I bit the bullet. Overall, very glad that I did. I’m going to give you the lowdown on RankPay and try to prepare you to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Review up to This Point

After using RankPay for about 6 months, I’m happy to report in and say that there’s a lot to like about RankPay. Specifically that the service actually works to get your pages ranked higher in the search engines.
I suppose that’s the most important one for most of you that are curious about their service. But let’s cover a few others as well.

Ease of use

It is so refreshingly easy easy to get your foot in the door with RankPay. They’ve done a great job of removing barriers to entry and making it a simple process to get started.
I merely had to input my domain, choose some keywords, and give my credit card and agree to a standard terms of service. I’ve seen a few folks complain about the 6 month contract but that’s nothing honestly.
I know it can take a long time to rank sites in the first place, and it’s more than fair that they’d want you to stick around for 6 months minimum if they’ve committed a lot of time and energy to rank your site at an affordable price point. I have no issues here.

Personal follow-up

In addition to an email right after signing up, I got some personal follow-up a few hours later from a member of their support team.
I came prepared and did my own keyword research ahead of time. But even still, they had some detailed feedback and recommendations about my keyword choices that actually did seem to make a lot of sense.
I got on a quick call with their support team to chat about it further. They’ve clearly been doing this a long time and are very comfortable and confident with their knowledge of SEO, keyword selection, and long-term viability of rankings.


Some of you may have seen their pricing and felt RankPay seems expensive. While others of you may have seen the same pricing and felt that they’re too cheap. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
It looks like they offer volume discounts as well, but I haven’t put enough keywords into my own campaign to be sure.
Compared with what I’ve seen across the industry and their competitors, they’re definitely not in the realm of cheap. But I can’t say I find them to be expensive either.
Some short-tail keywords did start becoming quite pricey if you experiment with the pricing system, but their service and value clearly isn’t angled towards national or enterprise level campaigns.
For local and more specific niche keywords, I found their pricing to be reasonable and right down the middle of the road.

Their SEO service actually works

Yeah, I saved the best for last. So sue me.
End-game, this is why I’m truly happy with RankPay’s service. It actually works.
There’s no denying it. I’ve done literally no work on my business’s website since signing up, and I was ranking roughly 100+ for all 3 search terms I was interested in ranking for.
Over the span of time I’ve been using their service, I’ve seen those rankings climb straight up to the top 5 for all 5 of my keywords. I’m also confident that if I’d structured my site and URLs a little better I’d be in the top 3 for each keyword.

What I Will Follow up On

Blog and social management services look promising

I haven’t tried either of these, but they look like strong additional value propositions. I’ll follow up soon with a review on these services.
My plan is to start social management early this year (2017) and sign up for blog management in Q3. It’ll come down to budget as to whether or not I’m actually able to stick to this schedule. But keep your fingers crossed and be sure to revisit this site later on if you’re curious.

Blog Management Pricing

Social Management Pricing

Conclusions From My 6 Month RankPay Review

This is really a no-brainer recommendation for me to make. As a site owner, and small business owner, I’d easily refer anyone in the market for affordable SEO services to RankPay.
Any minor gripes I have are definitively outweighed by the benefits and the fact that the service actually does what it’s meant to.
Of course, you might have different results. Aside from guaranteeing that “if you don’t rank, you don’t pay,” they are very clear that they don’t guarantee results. By the way that’s a good thing. No SEO should guarantee results, and if they do it should raise alarm bells for you.
Anyways, if you do end up using RankPay, it’d be awesome if you’d share your own review or thoughts below.


I told them I’d be writing this review on this domain, and they gave me these banners to share to send referrals. Obviously, I’ll get a kickback if you end up signing up with them.
In case you hadn’t guessed, I have a few sites like this where I review services that I’ve used for my own small business. But I don’t always get offered a kickback situation, so please take advantage of it if you’ve found this format useful.
Doing so helps keep me motivated to put in the time needed to build review sites like this.
Thank you!

RankPay Review – 6 Months In – So Far So Good September 25, 2017